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Beata Wójtowicz


Beata Wójtowicz, Ph.D.




  • Research areas

Swahili language and culture, bilingual lexicography.

  • Academic degrees

2000, M.A. in African Studies: “Auxiliary Verbs in Swahili and the Process of Grammaticalization”; supervisor: Dr Iwona Kraska-Szlenk.

2003, scholarship, Department of African and Asian Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland.

2005, Ph.D.: “General Linguistic and Lexicographic Foundations of a Swahili-Polish Dictionary”; supervisor: Prof. Janusz S. Bień.

2019,  Dr. Habil. in Linguistics (University of Warsaw).

  • Functions and activities

Member of the Polish Association of African Studies and the African Association for Lexicography;

Board Member of the CHAUKIDU Association.

  • Research Projects

2002/4 – participated in a project financed by the Polish Committee for Scientific Research “An annotated on-line corpus of written Polish texts”, ICS PAS;

2004/5 – realization of a project financed by the Polish Committee for Scientific Research “General Linguistic and Lexicographic Foundations of a Swahili-Polish Dictionary”;

2006 – participating in a project supported by the European Community “Language Technology for eLearning”, ICS PAS;

2008/11 - praticipating in a research-development project of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education "The National Corpus of Polish", ICS PAS;

2009/12 - the head of the project financed by the Polish Ministry of Education A small Swahili-Polish and Polish-Swahili dictionary;

2018 - the head of the project financed by the Polish National Science Center Swahili dictionaries and their users;

2019/22 - praticipating in a research project of the Polish National Science Center Cultural Conceptualizations in Swahili languages and cultures;

  • Conferences with papers

2002 – Polish Oriental Society Conference, Warsaw University;

2003 – XXXI Convention of the Polish Oriental Society, Warsaw University; 16th Swahili Kolloquium, Universität Bayreuth (Germany);

2007 - PALC 2007 in Łódź, Poland; PLM 2007 in Gniezno, Poland; Current Trends in Lexicography, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Bielarus;

2008 - PLM 2008, Gniezno, Poland;

2009 - PALC 2009, Łódź; EACL 2009 Workshop on "Language Technologies for African Languages" (AfLaT), Athens, Greece; AFRILEX 2009, Cape Town, RSA; World Congress of African Linguistics 6 ‘WOCAL 6’, Cologne, Germany; CHAKITA 2009, Nairobi, Kenia; Conference and Members’ Meeting of the Text Encoding Initiative Consortium, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA;

2010 - LREC 2010, workshop on “Language Technologies for African Languages” (AfLaT), Valetta, Malta; “Strategic workshop on research communities and research infrastructures in the Humanities”, European Science Foundation, Strasbourg, France; Slavicorp 2010, University of Warsaw;

2011 - Body in Language, Lexicon, Metaphor, Grammar and Culture Conference, University of Warsaw;

2012 - ALTA Conference, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA; 3rd Congress of Polish Africanists, Szczecin, Poland; TALC10, University of Warsaw.

2015, World Congress of African Linguistics 8 ‘WOCAL 8’, Kyoto University, Japan; Hildesheim Conference on Electronic Dictionaries as Information Tools, Universität Hildesheim, Germany.

2016, IV Glosa do leksykografii, University of Warsaw;

2017, Language and Culture Interface, University of Warsaw; eLex Electronic Lexicography in the 21st Century, Lejda, Holandia; CHAUKIDU Conference, University of w Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

2018, V Glosa do leksykografii, University of Warsaw; CHAUKIDU Conference, State University of Zanzibar, Tanzania.

2019, NCOLCTL & ALTA Conference, Atlanta, USA; Language, Culture, Literature - East African Perspective, University of Warsaw.

  • Lecturing

Swahili language, Swahili literature, Linguistics, Introduction to African Studies, Information Technology.

  • Dictionaries Swahili-Polish Dictionary

Swahili-English xFried/FreeDict Dictionary + source