Teaching at the Department of African languages and Cultures


African Studies (Africanistics) as a major, is linked with the teaching programme offered by the Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Warsaw. The programme of African studies has three ‘tracks’ which are connected with the main language of the African Studies (Amharic, Hausa or Swahili). The courses in linguistics, literature, history, and art refer to the whole continent and have a component related specifically to the region of specialization. The choice of the language and the regional specialization is made at the admission stage and is determined by the yearly offer (


BA level studies


The Department offers a three-year BA programme whose aim is to provide the students with the basic knowledge of geography, history, art, anthropology, linguistics, and current social issues. During the programme students acquire a good command of one African language in speaking and writing, as well as in reading literature and other source texts. The programme also includes a two-year course of Standard Arabic. A graduate has a competence to understand and interpret a range of cultural issues of a chosen region and gains methodological skills needed to do research in the broad area of cultural studies.



MA level studies


The M.A. programme is open for candidates having the B.A. in African studies. Graduates can continue professional and in-depth studies in a two-year MA programme which offers advanced language courses at the level of fluent communicating in speaking and writing. Starting from the academic year 2013/14, also the holders of B.A. degrees in other disciplines may apply for M.A. studies at the Department. A student can specialize in a preferred field of studies, such as literature, history, linguistics or anthropology.



Ph.D. in African studies


The staff members are qualified to lead the projects within their research areas as well as to supervise doctoral theses. The Department is subsumed under the Faculty’s programme for Ph. D. students. Ph. D. students of the Department write their theses in one of the following areas: African linguistics or African literature.